T.I., his wife Tiny and family were on DJ Whoo Kid's "The Whoolywood Shuffle" to discuss family dynamics, why their honeymoon was delayed, what songs they like right now, future plans on their VH1 show The Family Hustle and social media trolls. Tip addressed that most blogs posting malicious stories about himself and his family do not have journalistic integrity and are not fact driven.

"If you go tot blog site and you click on their officially column tag of their page and go to the actual legal fine print, they'll tell you we are not bound to any journalistic integrity to tell the truth," he said. "It's all opinion driven. It's all supposed top be entertainment. If they happened to post something that is a lie, you can't actually sue them because it's all opinion driven. So blogs and stuff are not a journalistic source except like TMZ."

He continued on to say that he doesn't get mad at the stuff he sees on the web but Tiny on the other hand get angry. The happy married couple said that when it comes to disrespecting their kids, they will respond. When Whoo Kid asked the children do they care about internet trolls, Zonnique Pullins, T.I. stepdaughter, said she does care what the blogs say but will respond to trolls on Instagram. She also pointed out that her parents are the main ones that are in her Instagram comments responding to haters. "I don't like the whole kid thing," said Tiny. T.I. repeated the same sentiment: "You ain't going to talk about my kids." The kids said they don't really care for the haters.

Watch the interview above.