T.I. is prepping the release of his 10th solo studio album, Dime Trap, which arrives next month. But first, the King offers up the new single, “The Weekend,” featuring fellow Atlanta rapper Young Thug, on Friday (Sept. 28).

Swizz Beatz is behind the boards on this one. The New York producer provides Tip and Thugger with a more mellowed soundscape than his usual fare. Mr. Harris paints the scene, rapping, “Got it crackin' out in California/What I'm blowin' on strong, bottle of ammonia/’Keep your fuckin' phone on’ what I tell my bitch/She don't answer, my mentality is hit a dancer, fuck it, shit/I got no time for the fuck shit, I'm gettin' money or die/Get the fuck on with distractions, I'm way too dope not to have it.”

Thug provides a verse but is also on chorus duty. “It's goin' down every weekend, hey, yeah/Malibu, top gone, everything for the weekend,” he rhymes between verses. “Summertime, bathin' suit, jump in the pool for the weekend/I can make any bitch leave her man, just for the weekend.”

Dime Trap appears to be coming together well. “The Weekend” follows the previously-released “Jefe” track featuring Meek Mill. On Thursday (Sept. 27), Tip announced the release date for the album as Oct. 5 as well as serving up the detailed album art. He also recently revealed Dave Chappelle will play the voice in his head on the new LP. This should be interesting.

Listen to T.I.’s new Young Thug-assisted single “The Weekend” below.

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