While some artists are putting out films totally on their own like Gucci Mane, some artists are opting to work with larger production companies. According to Variety, T.I. will be starring in and serve as executive producer for a new Fox drama series on TV titled Atlanta's Most Wanted.

T.I. will executive produce the series along with Jerry Bruckheimer, who has worked on popular TV shows like CSI and The Amazing Race, as well as films like Enemy of the State and Bad Boys. The production companies involved will include Jerry Bruckheimer Television and 20th Century Fox Television. The show is currently in development and hasn't been ordered for a pilot yet.

T.I. told Variety, “I am honored to partner with Fox and Bruckheimer on what is truly a passion project for me. It’s going to be amazing to see my city represented in this fashion.”

The one hour episodes will follow T.I.'s character, Marcus Armstrong, who is the son of an Atlanta criminal kingpin. At the same time, he is brought onto a new team whose purpose is to combat forces like his father. Similar to the tensions in The Departed, there will be tons of opportunities to craft external and internal conflict in the series.

T.I. has been on a roll with his career outside of music, selling his show The Studio with Kevin Hart to Showtime. He will also start production on a comedy The Trap starring himself and Mike Epps this week. It doesn't slow down next month as he starts filming the sequel to Marvel's Ant-Man.

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