It looks like the protest of Houston's Restaurant in Atlanta that T.I. participated in last year actually helped in getting a resolution. Tip is now assisting the company with diversity training to help "meet the needs of the community."

As previously reported, last October, T.I. was front and center during the boycotts of a couple of Houston's Restaurants in Atlanta. Members of the Black community in the A had been complaining about discrimination by the eatery, and they decided to do something about it. Posting up in front of the restaurant with picket signs, they caused a major scene that was captured by the rapper on Instagram.

"We have closed the Houston's down for the moment, indefinitely," Tips says, in an Instagram video recorded at the protest. "When they figure out how to treat us, they can open back up."

Houston's responded to the uproar in a social media statement. "We have employed a diverse and hard-working staff serving Atlanta's similar diverse clientele for many years," it read. "Charges of discrimination are not only unfounded but are an intentional manipulation using social media. Our policies and guidelines apply equally to everyone."

Now, it looks like both sides have had a chance to talk it over and come to a common agreement. Sunday morning (March 4), TMZ spoke with The Kang, who revealed how things worked out. According to the "Game 7" rapper, both sides sat down and came up with a positive game plan

"They contacted us and they wanted to sit down," Tip says. "I spoke on behalf of the collective to get a positive, peaceful, amicable resolution. [Houston's] actually invested in some diversity training for their upper staff, their executive staff, which they've suggested I remain a part of to make sure that the diversity training can meet the needs of the community."

Job well done, Mr. Harris.

See what Tip had to say about the situation below.

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