If you love bumping trap music, you should thank T.I. That's one of the implications of the Atlanta rapper's recent interview with Angie Martinez, a conversation in which he claimed he was the person responsible for creating trap music.

"We want to make sure that we give everybody the best T.I.P. album that we can give them. I'm going for trap music on this. Because a lot of people don't really, really know that I created trap music," Tip tells Martinez while discussing his new album in the video below.

"There was no such thing as trap music prior to [T.I.]. No such thing. It didn't exist," Tip continued. "It was OutKast and crunk, like that's what it was. Organized Noize and crunk."

Tip goes on to reference his second album Trap Muzik as being sort of the genesis for trap as a sub-genre. It will be interesting to see how people respond to his comments, because it's very difficult to say who, exactly, created the genre, and on a larger level, if a single person has ever been responsible for creating one. Still, Tip has done enough to be considered a pioneer in the rap game. Recently, the Paperwork artist paid tribute to another one.

This past weekend, T.I. helped welcome 2Pac into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by dressing like the rapper and taking the stage to perform some of his songs. Twitter wasn't feeling his outfit, so the Grand Hustle boss used social media to respond.

“Guess you just had to be there…. Y’all young,forever commentating,over-opinionated muuuufuckaz got shit to say ALWAYS,” he wrote. “When the Biggie shit went left because a muuuufucka from YALL Generation forgot the words y’all had a fuckin FIT!!! Now some Real ni66az wit Real love in they hearts get up & dedicate themselves to honor the legacy of a True American HipHop Rock&Roll Legend,that would make Him & His Family Proud…. It’s some negative shit to be said about that as well.”

Stay tuned for more details on Tip's upcoming new album.

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