Earlier this week, SZA performed an intimate show for fans in New York, previewing some new music in the process, including a Travis Scott collaboration titled "Love Galore." The song sounds like standard Scott fare, a melodic vibe that's got him singing of relations with plant-related innuendo. "Let me come inside ya/Let me plant that seed inside ya," he says in fan-captured clips above and below.

It seems a logical conclusion that the song will be a part of SZA's long-awaited and oft-delayed debut album. Earlier this month, Top Dawg CEO Anthony Tiffith posted a video to Instagram entering TDE studios, ending at his office with the camera hovering over a notepad that read “2017 Releases,” but was otherwise blank. “Watts up world! I just walked in to the offfice.. it’s time to work on my 2017 release schedule… @sza are u ready 2 get them off my head?,” he captioned the clip. That's not exactly a release date or window, but it seems getting SZA's debut is a priority for the label as the year kicks off.

That news came a few months after SZA expressed frustrations with the state of her debut, saying she quit and that TDE can do what they please with it. TDE president Terrence “Punch” Henderson laughed off the matter in a tweet shortly after SZA’s post. In February of last year, Ab-Soul voiced some frustrations with the label as well and delays placed on his album Do What Thou Wilt, writing on Twitter, “I’ll be ready when my #’s called. This bench is gettin warm as fucc tho mayne.” Soulo's album was eventually released in December.

What the debut of "Love Galore" symbolizes then is a possible resolution between SZA and TDE, that debut inching ever closer. Listen to the track above and below, with the singer slated to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight (Jan. 12).

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