Just one day before the release of their Kill Yourself Part XI-XV EP, $uicideboy$ come through with "Venom," a Shakewell-assisted track from the upcoming project.

The new song features a dark and eerie instrumental to go along with impressive rapping and multi-syllablic rhyme schemes from everyone on the track. All together, it's another pleasant peek into their project dropping tomorrow (May 26), and it has just the sort of gothic-inspired vibes we've come to expect from $lick and Ruby Da Cherry.

The New Orleans-based $uicideboy$ are one of the fastest rising names in all of hip-hop, with their streams on SoundCloud numbering in the millions. Those numbers will probably multiply when they drop Kill Yourself Part XI-XV, which also features the song "New Chains, Same Shackles." But plays and sales aren't all the duo are looking for.

Speaking with us earlier this year, Ruby said he wanted to bring the meaning with the music he and $lick drop together. “Not saying we’re the best artists of all-time already but we feel like music lost its balls," he said.

He continued, "You think about The Doors, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Public Enemy, N.W.A, there’s nobody pushing the boundaries anymore. There is nobody standing up for anything anymore. It’s all, ‘I got a diamond chain and I fuck your bitch.’ That’s fucked up. Why don’t we say some shit that will better the world instead of fight each other over materialistic bullshit?”

Check out "Venom" for yourself below.

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