Following the release of "FuckAllOfYou2K18" earlier this year, the $uicideboy$ are back with "Either Hated or Ignored," their second single of 2018.


Over a haunting electronic beat, the duo blend their melodic style with bars of anger aimed at their enemies. "Playa hatas surround me/Like vultures on a dead body/Get the fuck from ’round me/Ain't tryna be ya' fuckin' friend," the $uicideboy$ spit.

"Always fall short/Standin' tall with my vice, fuck y'all for the sport/The money, the bitches, the fame feelin' like a whore/Now I'm smokin' more quartz and I'm closer to death/Then I was when I was poor," the duo continues in the second verse.

Recorded in late 2017, Ruby calls "Either Hated or Ignored" the duo's favorite track from a batch of songs they recorded last year. "We’re still looking to gain respect in the industry, but we also realize our happiness isn’t going to come out of what other people think of us," he said. "It’s something we can only find by digging deeper inside ourselves.”

Up next for the "Face It" rappers, the duo plan to release their next album this summer but decided to drop their latest song a little earlier. "This track in particular we decided to release now because the emotions we express are the same ones we've felt since last year," Ruby added.

Listen to the $uicideboy$'s "Either Hated or Ignored" below.

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G59 Records

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