Anyone holding on to hope of a Suge Knight/Puffy Daddy reconciliation, may need to hold on a little longer.

Suge, on his way out of an LA nightspot 1Oak, let loose a profanity filled tirade for TMZ cameras that gives the impression that he and Puff won't be exchanging Christmas gifts anytime soon.

The former Death Row Records leader went on to say, "Bitch ass Puffy can get him a motherfucking star, and every rat in the world say he's the one who killed Tupac, or had him shot."

Suge also answered claims that he had something to do with Pac's death. "Everybody know off the top, I ain't the nigga killed Tupac. I'm the nigga protected Tupac!"

But the most startling part of Suge's rant is his assertion that the iconic MC is alive and well.

"Tupac not dead. He somewhere on an island smoking a Cuban cigar."

Let the conspiracy theories reignite. Watch the video below.


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