After going more than a year without dropping a new project, Brooklyn's own Stro has returned. Today (Oct. 19), the rapper delivers his Nice 2 Meet You, Again EP, his first release under Nas' Mass Appeal imprint.

Dropping some time after his debut album, Grade A Frequencies, Nice 2 Meet You, Again finds Stro in a different psychological space. After all, it's been well over a year.

"Every project I released up until this point was made from the perspective of a kid trying to be the best rapper," Stro said when he announced his new project. “#N2MYA was made from the perspective of a young man trying got be the best example. As a product of the culture, I feel like it's so much missing right now. Rather than making songs about what's wrong with the culture, I focus on creating the vibes I want to see more in the culture."

See how far Stro's come for yourself by checking out Nice 2 Meet You, Again below.

Stro's Nice 2 Meet You, Again EP Tracklist

1. "Intro"
2. "Mindblown"
3. "B******t"
4. "Waters"
5. "Room"
6. "Holy Vibes" featuring Mannywellz
7. "Enough"
8. "Testing"

Mass Appeal
Mass Appeal

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