Ty Dolla Sign is back with his new Campaign album, and it features a ton of rappers like Future, Migos, Meek Mill, Travis Scott and Wiz Khalifa. Stream the whole joint on Apple Music right now.

The album comes after Free TC, his official debut LP from last year that is to this day one of the most slept on albums in years. For that album, Ty actually worked better outside of his comfort zone with ballads "Horses in the Stable" and "Solid." Even "Guard Down," one of the more eclectic songs featuring Kanye West and Diddy, is a stand out, but don't look for that opinion to become popular.

Ty Dolla Sign's Campaign Tracklist

1. "$Intro"
2. "$"
3. "Campaign" Feat. Future
4. "??? (Where)" Feat. Migos
5. "3 Wayz" Feat. Travis Scott
6. "Juice"
7. "Zaddy"
8. "Hello"
9. "R&B"
10. "Stealing"
11. "Clean"
12. "My Song" Feat. 24hrs
13. "Pu$$y" Feat. Trey Songz and Wiz Khalifa
14. "No Justice" Feat. Big TC
15. "Watching" Feat. Meek Mill
16. "Campaign" Feat. Future (Charlie Heat Remix)

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