And just like that, Stro's latest project, his Grade A Frequencieshas arrived. The new album features nine songs, including "Aura," a track dropped last summer. It also includes features from Jordan Bratton, Elbee Thrie, Marco Mckinnis and Nathaniel.

Grade A Frequencies is particularly notable because it's the rapper-actor's first LP to date. Just as was the case on his previous efforts, which include at least seven mixtapes and two EP's, the new project features plenty of dynamic flows and confident lyrics. The aforementioned "Aura" offers up a great example of the Brooklyn MC's talent at work.

“Illest with the mic, yeah I been that shit/They try to keep me out the game, still I’m in that shit/I ain’t surprised, you surprised, man I been had hits/We ain’t them guys you despise, boy we been that clique/And seven days a week, I’m busy fuckin’ with beats/I do not fuck with police, they want us dead in the streets/I heard they workin’ for Satan, but God is coming be patient/My spirit’s strong ain’t no breaking," he spits on the track.

You can hear "Aura" and the rest of Stro's debut album by streaming the project below. You can cop it on iTunes now.

Stro's Grade A Frequencies Tracklist

1. "Big Ups"
2. "Aura"
3. "The Cool Kid"
4. "I.D.K.Y." (Feat. Jordan Bratton)
5. "P.S.A. Calm Down" (Feat. Elbee Thrie)
6. "Bryson Filler Interlude"
7. "Brownsville Freestyle"
8. "From Me" (Feat. Marco Mckinnis)
9. "Thank God for That" (Feat. Nathaniel)

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