Lil Uzi Vert teamed up with Steve Aoki to show off his versatility as an artist on "Been Ballin." The ranging track appeared on Aoki's latest effort, Kolony, which the famed DJ is currently touring around North America in support of. On Monday (March 5), the talented duo returned to show us what life in a golden world would be like throughout the Ours&Yours-directed "Been Ballin" video.

"Tell her hater get up off my face, yeah/I've been ballin since like yesterday, yeah/All this money all up in the way, yeah/All this money in the way/You know that I'm walking with the bank," the Philly native boasts over the icy Aoki production.

Uzi and the electronic maestro aren't exactly strangers, as they previously collaborated on "Smoke My Dope" in late 2017, which went on to appear in Netflix's polarizing film, Bright. They also connected on "I Can't Lose" the year before that.

While together in the studio for nearly a week cooking up tracks last summer, Aoki informed DJ Whoo Kid that his dog kept biting at the 23-year-old rapper's legs, "My dog was trying to like, eat him," he recalled. "I got another dog during that session, and I call it Lil Uzi."

Check out the trippy Anthem Films-produced "Been Ballin" video below.

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