I swear, if I had a dollar for every time I said some shit ought to happen and it ended up happening, I'd have more than two of pants that fit right.

You fruits will recall that I did a post earlier this week, in which I suggested that the reason the new single by Kanye West is gayer than eight guys blowing nine guys with one cock left over to stick in someone's ear is because he was distraught over the break-up with his fiance, and that he needed to go ahead and try to get her back.

I figured it would probably also be in her best interest, for financial reasons, if the two of them got back together. But you have to wonder what's the likelihood of a woman  - a black woman, at that - running back to a man after he's already kicked her to the curb once.

I can't claim to actually know what happened between the two of them, but I've always assumed it was a matter of Ye kicking her to the curb, because he wanted to score with white chicks with huge cans. He's always hinted as such in his songs and in his videos, and he's been known to travel with a suitcase full of interracial pr0n videos.

Shit, I don't even bring my pr0n on vacation. Er, not always!

Then there was that picture of him, not too long after the breakup, in the VIP of some club with a couple of broads that looked like they must have somehow been extracted from my subconscious. I'm not gonna lie, I've hardly ever been more jealous of a rapper.

I suppose it could be the case Alexis dropped him, because she figured he wasn't the right match for her. (Perhaps she needs a man who's more of a... um, man.) But what sense would it make for her, again financially, for her to walk away from a situation like that before the two of them even tied the knot?

Anyhoo, I was checking Media Take Out just now, and I see the two of them have managed to patch things up. Just yesterday, a stalkerazzi caught them out on the town checking out the premiere of one of those teh ghey cartoons that he's into.

Let me guess, she wasn't actually into that teh ghey cartoon. She just saw her opportunity to get back into some money and she went for it. At any rate, what matters is that they're back together and that I so fucking called this one.

Now all there is to do is to make sure Kanye West doesn't put out an album full of teh ghey bullshit like "Love Lockdown." And wouldn't you know, it looks like there may have been some progress made on that front as well.

I was checking hip-hop's other finest news source, the blogs over at the hip-hop blog of the year, SOHH, and I see that there might not not be a new Kanye West album before the end of the year after all. The DL brother who writes most of the blogs there says that he talked to someone who said that that Kanye is a perfectionist, and the album just might not be ready by the end of the year.

Wanton speculation and stereotype-infused translation: Alexis realized what was going on (perhaps she even read my blog), hit him off with some stank, and now he's reconsidering the Phil Collins tack he had been pursuing on this new album.


Not that I give a rat's what he does with his new album. But you have to figure, whatever he does, we're gonna be hearing about it ad nauseum for the next year or so. At least now maybe he won't be singing as much.