The third season of Starz' Power has ushered in a heap of memes related to the show. Piling up by the dozens, the viral images poke fun at the show's storyline, characters and how virtually obsessed fans are with the show. With the new season only just a few episodes in, it's safe to say that many more memes will soon be on the way. This is just the beginning.

In season three, fans are sure to endure a host of twists and turns in the coming episodes. Power creator, Courtney A. Kemp, exclusively told XXL that viewers will soon witness the death of a major character on the show. “I think there were some very difficult moments this year,” Courtney A. Kemp said in a sit-down with XXL. “There were some deaths that were really harrowing to shoot, really hard to shoot. We lost some characters this year that are really part of the family.” This season finds Ghost, Angela, Tommy, Tasha and Kanan swimming in uncharted territory as Ghost and Tommy are not as close as they once were and Feds are on their heels. However, don't be surprised if the current season leaves viewers hanging on a cliff because the series was just renewed for a fourth and fifth season. “You know its gonna get crazier and crazier POWER Renewed for SEASON 4 & 5,” 50 Cent wrote on Twitter and we're sure it will.

Check out some funny Power-related memes in the gallery above and peep the bonus video meme below.

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