Stam Goody has arrived. The New Jersey upstart properly introduced himself on Friday (July 13) with the release of his debut project, Defining Moments.

The EP finds the rapper flexing a range of muscles. Across seven songs, Goody serves wise punchlines over contemporary trap, sings ballads to working women and doles out sharp political critiques. "Patience," the lead single, anchors the project with a tribute to his grandfather.

Stam explained the project's title in an Instagram post. To him, "defining moments" are defined by intention, something he believes many contemporary artists lack.

"What you’re communicating should be YOU, thru and thru. It’s not an Image, it’s your truth. If your brand is built on Purpose, every choice, decision, and discussion becomes easier," he wrote. "Purpose builds that thing that lives beyond your physical form. Lives forever, in generations to come. That’s Legacy. And each piece of art or content, needs to be aligned with that purpose, because it will, be a part of your Legacy. Each time, Make it a Defining Moment."

With that as a mission statement, Goody is just getting started. For now, get acquainted with his opening salvo.

You can listen to Stam Goody's Defining Moments below. We've also included the EP's tracklist and cover art, as well as Stam's post explaining the title.

Stam Goody's Defining Moments Tracklist

1. "Intro"
2. "Clutch"
3. "Stamina"
4. "Patience"
5. "The Greatest"
6. "WWYD"
7. "A Million $"


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