Burgeoning rapper Stam Goody changes up his pace and pays homage to his family on his latest track, "Patience."

The Camden, N.J. native's raspy, albeit silky alto rides over neo-soul-esque production from S.L.M.N. and Payton Long. "They say what you tryna' do, what you tryna' do/Hate to see you lose, boy don't be a fool/Head up in the clouds, tell me what you tryna' prove now? (prove now)," he croons.

The R&B banger serves as an ode to Stam's late grandfather, who taught him to be patient and persevere as he makes his way through the music industry. According to an Instagram post uploaded shortly after "Patience" was released, his mother cried after hearing it, given that it was based on events that took place in the family when Stam was a teen.

"My relationship with moms has been being rebuilt over the last couple years, she’s had a rough time since Pops passed," Stam wrote in the caption underneath a heartfelt text from her. "My family doesn’t hear the music til it’s out. So this was her first time hearing 'Patience,' which was inspired by her father, my grandfather, who is the man on the artwork."

“It takes a lot of patience, a lot of ups and downs, a lot of thick skin," Goody explains in regards to his new song. "It’s a true building process.”

This is the first we've heard from Stam Goody since his debut single "Clutch," which you can find on his SoundCloud page. Both tracks will be available on his debut EP, Defining Moments, scheduled to release next Friday, July 13.

Listen to "Patience" below.


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