To absolutely nobody's surprise, Soulja Boy's new album will be called Draco. The SODMG rapper posted the title, cover art and release date on Instagram today (Jan. 18).

Draco is slated to drop a little more than a month from now on Feb. 21. The cover art, which can be viewed above, features a black-and-white photo of Soulja rocking grills, a gold chain and a camouflage shirt whilst holding his go-to Draco gun.

The announcement comes two days after Soulja Boy dropped his "Hit 'Em With the Draco" diss track directed at 50 Cent and Chris Brown. The "Crank That" artist talks big stuff on the song's intro, stating, “Aye 50 Cent what you talking about? You made all that money off Vitamin Water and then filed for bankruptcy. You know, I’mma knock Chris Brown out when I see him."

SB then shimmies into the first verse, spitting, “TMT they talk about me on TMZ/50 Cent he know about me/Everybody know I’ma get to the cake/You on the block, I’ma hit you with the draco.”

It's no secret that the Draco is Soulja Boy's gun of choice, and it's the weapon he supposedly used in a wild incident in which the rapper ended up shooting a home invader. Los Angeles Laker Nick Young even credited the "Draco Soulja Effect" for his recent hot shooting streak.

Now, the Draco phenomenon continues, as Soulja Boy has announced he will name his new album after the pistol.

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