Soulja Boy is back. At the tail end of January, the rapper pulled up with his brand new King Soulja 8 project, a 21-track effort that marks the eighth installment in the series.

If you've been rocking with Soulja Boy up to this point, you should pretty much already know to expect a barrage of hard-hitting beats and an endless stream of flexes. That's something that comes through the speakers loud and clear from the first track onward.

"Back in the trap with that crack/Riding 'round the town with that mack and the strap in my lap/50,000 in my Goyard bag, Yves Saint Laurent and my Balmain pants," spits Soulja, who was recently sued for filming a chauffeur without their permission.

There's much more where that came from, too. Check out the rest of King Soulja 8 for yourself below. Cop it on iTunes. 

Soulja Boy's King Soulja 8 Tracklist

1. "Back in the Trap"
2. "Jump in the Bentley"
3. "Turn The Stove On Lyrics"
4. "Went To Sleep"
5. "Servin The Fiends"
6. "Other Hand Lyrics"
7. "New Customers Lyrics"
8. "Brick On My Wrist Lyrics"
9. "Bust Down"
10. "Go Crazy"
11. "Get Some Money"
12. "On Me"
13. "Who Is You"
14. "100K"
15. "Sky"
16. "Pound"
17. "Balenciaga Backpack"
18. "It's A Bird, It's A Plane"
19. "Gucci Durag"
20. "Check Out My Fresh"

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