Soulja Boy's back at it. Taking time off from the rigorous, Rocky Balboa-like training he is undergoing in preparation for his March fight with Chris Brown, SB put together the diss track, "Hit 'Em With the Draco," aimed at Breezy and 50 Cent. The tune is even apparently accompanied with a dance.

Fif recently drew the ire of SB for commenting on the Atlanta rapper recently being burglarized. Soulja fired back, “Shoutout to 50 for the free promo. Stupid ass nigga. anybody can break in a house when nobody is there. ill shoot a nigga for my respect.”

Now, Soulja's steam has bubbled over into bars. On the new track, the "Crank Dat" rapper wastes no time calling out names. "Ayy 50 Cent what you talking about? You made all that money off Vitamin Water and then filed for bankruptcy. You know, I'ma knock Chris Brown out when I see him," Soulja boasts on the intro.

He continues to fire off rounds during the one verse song adding, "TMT they talk about me on TMZ/50 Cent he know about me/Everybody know I'ma get to the cake/You on the block, I'ma hit you with the draco."

He also adds a prediction of how things will go during his bout with CB. "Hit 'em with the draco one time/Hit 'em with the draco two times/Stand in the box, I jab, I jab/I'ma knock out Chris Brown," he raps.

Soulja and Brown's beef is turning into a full-on WWE production. While Soulja claims it all started in 2009, the fireworks didn't pop off until this year when Chris felt some type of way about Soulja interacting with Karrueche.

After going back-and-forth on social media, the two are set to settle it in a regulated boxing match. Soulja claims he wants to be friends with Brown after they run each others fade.

We might be getting a response to Soulja's song soon, as it was reported last week that Chris was working on his own diss record.

Stream "Hit 'Em With the Draco" above.

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