Soulja Boy is ready to rumble. After being challenged to a boxing match by YouTuber Jake Paul, Big Drako is ready to accept the challenge and confirms the fight will happen.

SB was spotted by TMZ on Friday night (Feb. 8), and seemed fully ready to go toe-to-toe with Paul. "Jake Paul can't beat me in no fight. He know that. You know that." Soulja boasted before confirming that the brawl will go down. "It's really gonna happen though. Yeah, it's for real."

Soulja seemed very confident in his chances. "I know I'm gon' handle him," he said. "He ain't got no hands. He just think he gon' win 'cause he got weight advantage"

SB also says he is willing to put up a sizeable bet to match Paul's $20 million claim. "I'll put up the whole label advance. Let's go. Jake Paul you a bitch," Soulja added.

The two entertainers first started going back and forth on Feb. 1 and continued when Soulja proposed they set something up officially. Paul is totally down to mix it up in the ring. "It's pretty serious," Paul said when asked about the fight. "I'm trying to fight him. I know it'll blow up."

Whether this will actually go down is up in the air. If you remember, two years ago, Soulja Boy was all set to fight with Chris Brown after the two exchanged shots for weeks. Breezy eventually bowed out before the event popped off.

See Soulja Boy talk about fighting Jake Paul below.

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