And the beef goes on. Yesterday, Soulja Boy and Chris Brown began feuding on social media, and Chris Brown challenged the "Zan With That Lean" rapper to a boxing match. Today, Soulja took it a step further by using his Twitter account to announce that he's setting up a boxing match between himself and Breezy.

Late this morning, Soulja went off on Twitter, tweeting, "Setting up the boxing match with Chris Brown Bitch Ass. Wanted [Adrien Broner] to train me, but he can't, so I'm getting Floyd."

Shortly after tweeting out his plans for meeting Breezy in the ring, Soulja claimed that the "Run It" performer couldn't come through his neighborhood in a now-deleted tweet. "Chris Brown can never go to my hood," read Soulja's post. "It's been two years since he pulled up on my block." After that, Soulja claimed that Breezy leaked his phone number, adding another layer to their growing beef. You can see the rest of what Soulja had to say in our gallery up top.

It sounds like Soulja is calling in the big guns, but who knows if Mayweather will take him under his wing. What we do know is that Lil Bibby has his money on C. Breezy if the boxing match goes down. He said as much in an Instagram video last night.

In the video, Bibby gives Soulja props for not backing down from a fight with an alleged gang member before saying he'd bet his money on the Royalty artist. "Ya’ll see my shorty wasn’t blowing,” Bibby says in the video. “He get to squaring up. He said, ‘What’s happening, Blood.’ Nah, but go on head man, catch that fade. I got 30 on Breezy, 30 on Breezy, go on catch that fade. Big Draco go head and catch your fade man. I got 30 on Breezy.”

While a lot of people would be happy to see Breezy and Soulja throw hands, we hope it doesn't come to that.

Check out Soulja Boy's tweets above.

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