On Thursday night (Jan. 26), Chief Keef and Tadoe were arrested for breaking into producer Ramsay Tha Great's home and assaulting him with an AK-47. Now, it seems the public perception of who is right and who is wrong in the incident is extremely divided.

Many social media users have reacted by calling Ramsay a snitch, saying he's in the wrong by going to the cops and breaking the code of the streets. Meanwhile, others think Chief Keef is at fault for robbing Ramsay in the first place.

As a result of the public divide, XXL has compiled two separate galleries, which contain a bunch of reactions on either side. You can view these galleries above and below. The top gallery includes pro-Ramsay tweets, while the below gallery consists of anti-Ramsay tweets.

It should also be noted that Ramsay Tha Great has shared his side of the story in a series of Instagram posts. “It’s real sad to see my Black community condone home invasion, armed robbery with a deadly assault, hitting me in the face with a AK-47. It’s crazy y’all condone that," Ramsay says. "And now that he’s locked up cause he chose to make that stupid decision to come to my house and do that, I’m the bad guy for putting him in jail?”

Meanwhile, a different rapper named Trav has something to say about Ramsay. Trav posted a video to social media in which he tells the story of Ramsay "actin' like a gangster" at a party.

“This same guy that Chief Keef beat up, he was actin’ like a gangster,” Trav says. “I backed right out on him. Why you got a gun on you? What’s up with you? Who sent you here? Who you here with? Now he’s suing somebody. Look at this guy, this guy’s a sucker.”

As aforementioned, you can check out the galleries above and below. Additionally, you can keep scrolling down to view all the Instagram videos from Ramsay's account, along with Trav's party tale. For more information about the concept of snitching, check out this XXL feature story from 2006.


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