Smokepurpp and Riff Raff have joined together to deliver their new record “How That Make You Feel.” Both artists have been staying consistent with their music since the start of 2017 and today, they teamed up for this brand new release.

Produced by Ronny J, the song captures both MCs rapping about there luxurious lifestyles and throwing it in the face of their haters. Smokepurpp opens the record with his verse about making out with two sisters and boasts about his overpriced jewelry. Riff Raff then takes over the second verse with his slightly aggressive rap style as he spits about his double stuffed blunts and his Rottweiler.

“Walk in the party and the bitches all snap/Make a bitch sit on my lap/I got that glock on my lap,” Smokepurpp spits. “Sitting in the kitchen with a bitch whippin’ up crack/ Whippin’ it until it turn black/Look at my diamond in the light and they dance/Went to the jeweler 100K in the van/Look at my diamonds, they splash, they wet like the ocean/Niggas is pussy like virgin."

“Documented baller, diamonds on my collar/ID say Lady Gaga/Rose gold Rottweiler when I pop bottles/Jump out the Chevy Tahoe look like Johnny Bravo,” Riff Raff spits on the second verse.

Smokepurpp is on the verge of releasing his new project, Deadstar. There is no set release date as of yet but the Florida rapper says it’s coming soon. He also took his shot for the 2017 XXL Freshman List.

Riff Raff dropped his project, Aquaberry Aquarius, at the beginning of the year. The Texas rhymer also teased a brand new album on the way with Ski Mask The Slump God about a week ago.

Check out “How That Make You Feel” below.

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