With a new year comes a fresh start, and Smokepurpp is making sure to take advantage of kicking off 2018 with new music. The Miami rapper releases a new song for fans called "Big Bucks," which features him tapping into his ultimate flexing side.

Welcoming in 2018 with some braggadocios bars, the Ronny J-produced track spotlights Smokepurpp's ability to bring in some serious cash with his newfound success and have any girl he pleases.

"I count big bucks, keep a thing tucked/We can get up, nigga, we can get up," Purpp rhymes on the new track. "Chopper leave a nigga doing sit-ups/That's yo hoe? I fucked that bitch, she brought her sister/And I hit it 'til the morning, then I dipped her."

It's already starting to be a big year for the "Phone" entertainer, who revealed that he has given up Xanax for 2018, along with his friend Lil Pump. The two Florida rappers have decided to stop doing the drug, which they were previously known for consuming frequently.

Smokepurpp has some major buzz around him as he enters 2018, being that he finished off last year by earning his first gold certification for his hit record, "Audi," which was also produced by Ronny J. The song achieved the major feat officially on Dec. 14.

Take a listen to Smokepurpp's new "Big Bucks" track below to hear what he's been cooking up for the new year.

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