Smoke DZA is set to release his new album He Has Risen, which will be produced entirely by Harry Fraud, on March 4. As Smoke DZA preps for the album's release, the Harlem rapper drops a brand new track of it called "Morals" featuring Snoop Dogg.

The song sees Smoke DZA and Snoop Dogg rhyming about how they grew up with a different code. Smoke DZA points this out on the hook as he dismisses those who snitch, but feels resigned on the matter cause they just didn't come up like him.

"Some n---as came up glorifying n---as who was snitches/It's fucked up, but I don't blame 'em cause we grew up different/You suck dick fam, we grew up different/Don't get ahead of yourself" Smoke DZA raps on the hook.

Snoop Dogg speaks with the gravitas of an OG as he speaks out against anyone who snitches.

"Telling is a felon and they selling that shit/Bitch n---a pillow talking, tell that bitch/All the business from the hood, what he will and what would/He fresh out and y'all treat him like it's all good/But don't let me catching him slipping/We tripping, 20 cripping, fuck all snitches," Snoop Dogg raps.

If you haven't already, make sure to check out Smoke DZA on the latest episode of XXL's Ante Up. DZA spoke with Roger and Manny in great detail about wrestling legend Bret Hart, who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. He also discussed the aforementioned He Has Risen album as well as a project he's got in the works with Pete Rock.

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