Smoke DZA has been one of the main voices of Harlem rap for quite some time now. He'll always be in the mix, and his latest video is perfectly timed for the summer. His latest, "The Hook Up," features two Los Angeles mainstays: Dom Kennedy and Dreamville's own Cozz. The track also appears on DZA's latest album, Not For Sale.

The beautiful video, shot by Salvatore Rubino, opens with all three rappers in a lowrider, driven by Dom Kennedy. They all kick their verses from various locations around L.A., and a video vixen joins them for a few of the shots. Smoke DZA has the last verse, and the visual closes out with landmarks and murals from around the city.

Dom has the first verse, and he kills it, even sprinkling in some clever references. "Diamonds dancin' all in the light, cash rules/My chick gotta know how to rap, I'm Papoose," he spits, a cool nod to Remy Ma. "I mean I should just scorch you niggas, Scott Storch you niggas/Have the yacht ready, real niggas on the come up."

DZA goes last and finishes the mood of the song off right. "Watch Jazz at The Blue Note, uh, you can never be too low/Outspoken, but they'll curve you if you too woke," he raps, sound advice for any up-and-coming artist. The smooth brag "Lukewarm, I race through it like DuPont/Bored and bought the same watch two-tone" is well-placed too.

If you want to catch DZA on the road, you're in luck, as his Money in the Bank Tour with Bodega Bamz is now underway. On the L.A. side of things, Cozz is currently supporting his recent album with The Effected tour, while Dom's late 2017 collab album with Hit-Boy, Courtesy of Half-A-Mil continues to bubble.

Catch "The Hook Up" visual below.

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