Tobi Lou is garnering up a hefty buzz for himself, and for his new record, he's recruiting the talents of Smino. The Chicago rapper releases his new song "Troop" with the "Anita" singer, along with a coinciding music video starring the two.

The new record empowers listeners to embrace who they really are and never lose sight of their childlike mindsets. In the music video, he follows suit to the theme, sitting at a roundtable in his bedroom, which is covered in posters and souvenirs of nostalgia. As Lou sits down, he is suddenly surrounded by different cartoons, including the Dropout Bear from Kanye West's first three album covers, as well as a Cynthia doll from the 90s television show, Rugrats.

Smino eventually comes on to sing his verse, which features a shrunken version of himself standing on the table in front of Tobi, who is bewildered by his size.

While Tobi Lou continues to establish his presence in the hip-hop community, Smino's breakout years has only set him up for an eventful 2018. While he ended his 2017 by hitting the road with T-Pain for his acoustic tour, the vocalist will be lighting up some festival stages this upcoming summer season.

Take a listen to the new track from Tobi Lou and Smino, and catch the nostalgic visuals below.

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