Smino has been putting on for his hometown of St. Louis all over the country for the last month. He just wrapped up his headlining Swanita tour, which included an appearance from T-Pain, and now Smino is already back to putting out new music with the new song "Manegos."

This time, Smino brings some familiar company with him from his Zero Fatigue crew. Bari gets creative with his flow on the hook and is the first to mention a variation of the song title. Smino and Jay2 pen their verses around the girl who is the mango (not apple in this case) of their eyes.

The song title broken down, "Man-egos," is a play off the mango theme, which perhaps references the playfully lewd lyrics throughout the song: "She tastes like mangos," "She say 'Smino bomaye, no mercy, don't go easy,'" and "Now she's bouncing on this toolie though."

Smino goes the extra mile by flexing his singing chops on his verse as he tends to do with his solo work. All of this meshes with the bouncy production from Monte Booker, which is the audio equivalent of a cold, fresh cup of mango nectar. And for the last minute, Monte takes some creative license by riffing off his original melody.

We recommend that you enjoy this song while spending the day on the beach with a chilled refreshment and the company of someone you love.

Peep the song "Manegos" below.

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