Skooly has already dropped one well received mixtape in 2016. Now, he's hoping his King Cosa project, which is available now, will get just as much love. Skooly has a shot with standout tracks like the 21 Savage-assisted "21 Guns" produced by XoxaineDEEZY

"Bitch, I'm from the bricks, but my trunk is in my damn hood/I just ate some steak and shrimp, you niggas eating can goods/White man can't jump, but that dope be jumping damn good/Fucking wit these niggas, man, that'll get you jammed up/Getcha guns up, last time your shit jammed up," 21 Savage raps on his lone verse.

21 Savage's contribution is more of the same content that fans have come to love. The Atlanta rapper is as real as it gets in the music industry.

"I’m a real gangsta, I really come from that shit,” 21 Savage told XXL earlier this year. “There’s other niggas too that come from that shit but most of these niggas don’t come from it. I’m not saying that it’s a problem, I’m just saying that’s what’s different from me. Like I’ve been shot, all types of shit. Lost niggas right in front of me, I’ve been in real life or death situations and shit. I’m just different from these niggas. And I’m humble and got a brain. Most of these niggas be dumb as fuck, even in their interviews, they just be looking dumb as hell. They don’t know how to speak or nothing."

21 Savage's realness has even sparked some imitators like 22 Savage. The original is no fan of the parody though.

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