Skizzy Mars is set to release his new album Alone Together next week, but he's offering fans another preview of the LP in the meantime. The Harlem rapper's latest record is the JoJo assisted "Recognize." This one seems tailor-made for the pop charts as Skizzy offers up an audio love letter to his girl.

"Oh, tonight I wanna do it big/Natural shit, all real, we ain't forcing it/And if we ain't winning then we forfeiting/Cause we don't take L's, we don't take L's/Money on the dresser, condoms in the second drawer/Back in high school I had game, but I never scored/Real with your words so I trust you/After the show, girl, I really wanna fuck you," Skizzy Mars raps.

Skizzy Mars hopes that Alone Together will be the next step in his dream to revolutionize music. The Harlem rapper told XXL that he hopes to create timeless records.

"I’m going to be the next kid to revolutionize music. I’m going to be the next guy to be the most consistent artist since Kanye West," Skizzy said. "I will never release a bad song. I’ll be that dude. You can count on me. My ear and my team and people around wouldn’t let me. One thing I don’t get is when artists release records that I don’t think are great songs, like don’t you have people around you? I don’t have yes men around me. I’m not saying I’m never going to mess up, but as far as consistency, that’s what I’m about, that and timeless music. Hopefully I will be playing in arenas because that’s the goal."

If you are a Skizzy Mars fan, make sure to vote for him as he's up for the coveted 10th spot on XXL's Freshmen list.

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