The day has finally arrived. After hyping up the album over the past few months, Skizzy Mars drops his new LP Alone Together. The Harlem rapper's new album arrives as the follow-up to his 2015 release The Red Balloon Project, which made it to No. 4 on the hip-hop charts less than week after its release.

Alone Together features 12 tracks with guest appearances made by Pell, Rome Fortune, JoJo, Chose, Jaymes Young, PJ and Olivver The Kid. Skizzy Mars hopes this album will be the next step in his goal to be one of the most consistent artists in the game.

"I’m going to be the next kid to revolutionize music. I’m going to be the next guy to be the most consistent artist since Kanye West,” Skizzy told XXL last year. “I will never release a bad song. I’ll be that dude. You can count on me. My ear and my team and people around wouldn’t let me. One thing I don’t get is when artists release records that I don’t think are great songs, like don’t you have people around you? I don’t have yes men around me. I’m not saying I’m never going to mess up, but as far as consistency, that’s what I’m about, that and timeless music. Hopefully I will be playing in arenas because that’s the goal."

You can stream Alone Together in its entirety below via Spotify. If you want to cop Skizzy Mars' new LP, it is available now on iTunes.

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