Atlanta rappers Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Skippa Da Flippa link up for "Pressin," a song that's so high octane, it feels like it should be in the newest The Fast and the Furious soundtrack (that project is actually fantastic and out right now).

Skippa and Hoodrich go back and forth rapping about being hood stars on "Pressin," the definition of a street banger. The record is produced by Danny Wolf, who's one of the hottest new producers out right now.

This isn't the first time Skippa and Juan have linked up together. The duo connected for “Still the Same Nigga,” a Dubba-AA and Louie Bandz-produced track that dropped in February.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan recently released MONYPOWRSPT World Rules, a 12-track collaborative project with Drugrixh Peso that featured production by Metro Boomin, Brodinski and Spliffy Global with Jose Guapo and A$AP Ant making guest appearances.

Skippa Da Flippa is gearing up for a hot summer. He left Quality Control and spoke to XXL about why it didn't work out.

“That’s always gonna be my family, but shit wasn’t really working out the way it was supposed to be,” he explained. “As far as business wise, shit just wasn’t right. Everything I’ve been doing, I’ve been doing on my own anyway, so I can continue to do it on my own and put my name on it, create my own little lane and brand myself. Everybody knows me for my logo and my term ‘havin’ so I decided to just move on with that.”

Bump "Pressin" below.

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