Kid Trunks powers up. Today (May 25), the 17-year-old pulls up with his Super Saiyan mixtape, an 11-track project that includes features from Ski Mask The Slump God, A$AP Ant, Robb Bank$ and more.

Earlier this month, the Members Only affiliate served up his most revealing look at his new project when he unloaded "Not Legal," a Ski Mask, Warhol.SS and A$AP Ant-assisted tune that definitely slaps. Kid Trunks, a 17-year-old Asian American rapper who takes his rap name from a classic Dragon Ball Z character, makes a pretty big claim in his most memorable bars on the track.

"The only reason I'll let you live because you sorry alive/And if I see you in my city, make sure you come check in twice/I can't remember why these people always believe the lie/But I'm the greatest Asian rapper ever to be alive," he raps over the trippy instrumental.

Kid Trunks is a name on the rise, and this project should see the continuation of his glow up. You can check out Super Saiyan for yourself below.

Kid Trunks' Super Saiyan Tracklist

1. "Talk"
2. "Love Never Blossoms"
3. "Pulp Fiction"
4. "Day Dream" featuring Robb Bank$
5. "MacBook"
6. "Not Legal" featuring Ski Mask the Slump God, Warhol.SS and A$AP Ant
7. "Idk"
8. "1300"
9. "Maze" featuring Suigeneris
10."Big Pockets"
11."Can't Deny" featuring J Bans

The Kid Before Trunks LLC / EMPIRE
The Kid Before Trunks LLC / EMPIRE

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