Fans are still impatiently awaiting the release of Ski Mask The Slump God's forthcoming Beware of the Book of Eli project, but he's dropping off a new song to keep them satisfied. The Florida rapper releases his new "DOIHAVETHESAUSE?" record, which features him tapping into his signature quick spitting element.

The new track from Ski Mask contains a simplistic beat with hardly any bass, leaving the spotlight on the rapper's rhymes. Being that he delivers some extremely fast-paced lyrics, it's hard to make out some of the words, but most of the song features metaphors, name-drops and more that will keep fans on their toes.

"Pussy nigga thought I lost my sauce, it's forever like a tattoo/I feel like the Packers logo, I'm a G," Ski Mask rhymes. "These niggas be feeling Kap, like knees/Fuck it, I’ma be the knees of bumblebees/Your mother is teaching me the birds and bees/John Cena arena, you can’t see me."

Ski Mask The Slump God originally wanted his anticipated Beware of the Book of Eli project to drop in December, but unfortunately, the month came and went without a release. He is currently working on clearing samples on the music collection, which includes a song called "Boy Meets World" with Busta Rhymes that features the theme song from the former hit television show. He also recently revealed he has a song in the works with Blac Chyna.

There's no word if "DOIHAVETHESAUSE?" will be added to his project's tracklisting, being that he unveiled the list last year, but this definitely only builds more anticipation for what's to come.

Listen to Ski Mask The Slump God's new "DOIHAVETHESAUSE?" in the stream below.

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