Skeme is back with another warning shot, dropping the new EP, Second Notice.

The Inglewood, Calif., rapper keeps this offering short and sweet with only three tracks and no features. The project has a mostly consistent range with all three songs being mid-paced bangers.

Skeme dropped his First Notice mixtape back in August, which featured production from the likes of Pierre Bourne, Don Cannon, Bink! and Reazy Renegade. Skeme will look to complete the trilogy in the future.

His new album, Overdue, is set to drop in 2018. XXL spoke with the Cali MC earlier this year and he had high hopes for his proper introduction to the world, which will feature Lil Uzi Vert, Chris Brown and T.I. Comparing it to his 2016 mixtape, Paranoia, he noted, "I kind of just try not to work on something if I’m not thinking with that in mind, so if I was making stuff for Paranoia, I can’t treat it how I’ma treat Overdue," he said. "I gotta get a whole new process and once we get our had wrapped around what the project is, now we start coming up with titles and we start coming up with concepts and everything like that. Like I don’t wanna hear nothing from last year on this album."

He added, "I’m just getting better at telling the same story over and over again. Other than that, [Overdue] just the best story ever told."

Listen to Skeme's Second Notice EP below.

Skeme's Second Notice EP Tracklist

1. "Won’t Judge You"
2. "Solid"
3. "High Notes"

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