One of the hottest young rappers right now is Chicago's Sir The Baptist. After taking on Donald Trump last week in a skit at AfroPunk 2016, the up-and-comer premieres “What We Got” with XXL. Sir raps about being the voice of his people and highlights the troubles that the youth go through today. "If I could be anything, I want to be/The little engine in the hood (yeah)/If I could show you anything (yes sir), I’d show you that/My hood was once all good (see)," he raps in the first verse. The track will resonate with hip-hop fans more than ever after news broke that over 500 people were killed in Chicago this year so far.

"Growing up in Chicago, it wasn't always easy," Sir said to XXL. "But having family, faith, music and the support of my community in Bronzeville made it home. As the song says, 'I know we ain't got much. Let's go forward with what we got!'"

This past weekend was a big one for Sir The Baptist. After ripping up the Tidal stage on Day 2 of Budweiser Made In America 2016, Sir was approached by Jay Z who told the budding MC that he's a fan of Sir's music.

"While I was performing 'Heaven' at Made in America, I saw a golf cart pull up during the set," he said to XXL about meeting Jay Z. "I didn't pay too much attention to it. By the time the set was done, the entire crowd was singing 'Heaven.' I walked off behind the stage to head back to the dressing room and Jay-Z walked right up to me and said, "Sir I love your story and I'm following you. Congratulations on a great set." I told him that I have been following him since I was a kid and was a fan my entire life. And thank you for getting me through my roughest times. As a preacher's kid, I wasn't supposed to be into secular music. But Jay-Z spoke to my soul. I was blessed in my lifetime to preach to my idol and get the greatest offering in return - Encouragement. Meeting Jay Z was the reassurance I needed to know that I can do/got this. As a preacher’s kid, I’ve seen and heard a lot. All I want to do is share the word, the truth, and lift others up through my music and that is exactly what I am plan to do with PK."

Check out the picture from their encounter below and check out "What We Got" above.

Sir The Baptist
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