Nicki Minaj, Sandman and Roccett have been courted by Lil Wayne, signed by the Clipse and collaborated with Akon, respectively. You've read all about them in the magazine, now listen and see what got heavy hitters co-signing Show & Prove's latest featured artists.

Name: Nicki Minaj
Age: 23
Hometown: Queens, NY

Nicki Minaj "Autobiography"

Nicki Minaj "Baddest Bitch"

Name: Sandman
Age: 31
Hometown: Philadelphia

Sandman "B.B.B.#2"

Sandman "Ride"

Name: Roccett
Age: 24
Hometown:Los Angeles

Roccett ft. Akon "All I Know"

Roccett ft. Gorilla Zoe "G Move"