Over the Thanksgiving holiday, it was seemingly nowhere you could go on the Internet without seeing a U Name It Challenge video. The latest viral video gone wild, someone snagged old footage of a Pastor Shirley Caesar sermon and song titled "Hold My Mule" where she names off different food items, and remixed it with a trap beat. Links were shared. Laughs were had. All was good, seemingly. But one video in particular appears to have Caesar upset, as she has now filed a motion against an Atlanta DJ for claiming that he used the sermon without authorization.

During its height, dozens of remixes of the clip were circulating the Internet, but the Pastor found one in particular by DJ Suede egregious. Suede's version features a full on production that shows a family consuming alcohol, complete with an original rap which includes a line about weed (above). It was even sold on iTunes.

Caesar and her lawyers have filed a motion with a judge to have the video removed claiming it, "violates the brand, image and name of a Christian pastor," reports CBS 46. They are alleging the video is worth upwards of $5 million in losses.

After the video was not removed, the pastor's attorneys filed a contempt order against Suede, Keenan Webb, Jullian Boothe and Empire Distribution on Friday (Dec. 9).

Caesar had no issue with another popular remix of the snippet done by Snoop Dogg. She even thanked the Doggfatehr for his contribution, which was clean. “I thank Snoop Dogg for doing such a marvelous job. Even the church accepted it,” Pastor Caesar said in an interview OWN Network’s Where Are They Now. “So thank you Snoop.”

According to the report, the pastor and Snoop were working on a deal to share proceeds of his version, which would go to feeding the hungry. That deal is now in jeopardy because of the Suede situation, Caesar's lawyers claim.

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