Shaquille O'Neal is no stranger to making diss tracks, and it looks like Big Shaq has got him back in his music-making bag. After going viral for his "Mans Not Hot" track, comedian Michael Dapaah is getting flamed out by the veteran basketball star and Toronto rapper ShaqIsDope.

The two Shaqs are teaming up to take shots at Big Shaq, as O'Neal does not seem to be a big fan, spitting some hard raps over the popular song's instrumental. Not only does Shaquille perform rhymes flexing about his large networth, bragging about his big home and all of its amenities, he also says Roadman Shaq "not really a factor" and could never be him. It appears that Shaquille's beef with the comedian is that he uses the name "Shaq," believing that he doesn't live up to the legacy that he has created for the name.

If you recall, "Mans Not Hot" first gained popularity after Big Shaq performed it during BBC Radio 1Xtra’s “Fire in the Booth,” with the footage sending social media into a frenzy. The comedian soon released the official song, which has inspired tons of memes all over Twitter and Instagram.

This also isn't the first time that Shaquille O'Neal and Canada's ShaqIsDope have teamed up for a record, as the two also laid down some rhymes over their "Karate Chop (Freestyle)" previously.

Take a listen to Shaquille O'Neal and ShaqIsDope's diss at Big Shaq below.

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