Canada has plenty of aspiring rappers and really, hip-hop has been a part of this culture for decades. Everyone knows the country's biggest name, but there are still talents outside of that bubble, making a name for themselves in their own right. One of those artists is Toronto's own ShaqIsDope, a charismatic and clever MC whose topics center around his journey as a man and the experiences he's had. His latest song is "Know the Feeling," where he chronicles how far he's come from his rougher past.

On the first verse, Shaq is honest with himself, fully embracing that the rise to the top is a bumpy one. "I'm really in this by my lonely, they was all clicking up becoming homies/They would talk down on me like they know me/I will boss up on 'em, couldn't hold me," he spits, remembering times when less people believed in him. "Different breed hunger mixing greed/When you have nothin' you got different needs."

The chorus is about Shaq trying to stay focused on the road to success. "I know the feeling, yeah/I got no time to be chilling, nah/Know what it feels to be broke/But shit's so close on the way to a million," he raps, a situation many artists can relate to.

Last year, ShaqIsDope dropped his self-titled EP in November, which featured the single Ble$$ings. In 2018, he submitted a pitch video for the most recent Freshman Class.

Check out "Know the Feeling" below.

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