Sexxy Red has gone viral again. This time it's over a photo where it appears that she is licking someone's toes.

Sexyy Red Licks Someone's Toes in New Viral Photo

On Friday (Oct. 13), an undated photo surfaced on social media featuring Sexyy Red licking and kissing on a man's toes. There's no word on why the photos were uploaded on social media for the world to see. The photos have received mixed reactions, with some people disgusted by the images and hoping that nothing else leaks. You can view the pics below.

One fan posted an image of a woman wearing a bonnet expressing contempt for what she just saw with her own eyes. In the caption, she wrote, "Me after seeing Sexyy Red licking that mans crusty toes."

"Twitter need to hurry tf up and fix itself because now my feed is stuck on the picture of sexyy red licking them nasty ass toes," wrote another fan.

A third person tweeted: "I don’t know who Sexyy Red done pissed off but they’re tryna get her up outta here. First, it was the sex tape. Now, it’s photos of her licking some warehouse boot toes [feet emoji] [boot emoji]."

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Sexyy Red Sex Tape Leaks on Her Instagram Account

What the last fan was referring to was the "SkeeYee" rapper's entire sex tape leaking on her Instagram page. It was deleted after a few minutes, but the damage was done. Fans were quick to share their shocked reactions online. Red addressed the leak and fans' reactions with a brief statement on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"I'm so heartbroken anybody that kno me knows I wouldn’t do no goofy s**t like that," she tweeted.

Although Red was distraught by her sex tape leaking, fellow rapper JT of the City Girls jumped on X to offer some words of encouragement.

"Girl you know you sexyy!!" JT typed. "Gone do yo s**t, f**k what these h*es talking bout you know you that b***h."

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Check out Sexyy Red licking someone's toes in a new viral photo below.

See Sexyy Red Lick Someone's Toes in New Viral Photo

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