Jahkoy believes heaven must be in California. The Toronto singer makes that declaration on the new single "California Heaven" off his upcoming Foreign Water EP. The song features Schoolboy Q who has plenty of love for Cali as a native of the state. Q comes through to drop a few slick rhymes on Jahkoy's record.

"Legs open like pearly gates in a Thug mansion/Get a thug passion/Without Alize, bow down to pray/I burn an ounce a day/Puff puff pass/No rosaries like Catholics/Might cop the Rolls, just to crash it," Schoolboy Q raps.

Schoolboy Q is currently basking in the positive reception to Blank Face LP. The Top Dawg Ent. rapper's latest album has received praise from fans and critics alike. But listeners are lucky to have even heard the album. In the aftermath of Blank Face's release, Q revealed that he was close to calling it quits.

"After Oxymoron, I almost quit,” Schoolboy Q said. “I was gone for a year and a half, and then before that I was gone for a year, and then before that I was gone for six months. My daughter’s seven. Like the first two years I didn’t raise her because I was dirt broke. Then I only got two years in with her. So it’s like I’m not about to be that rapper. I’m not about to be that person that puts his job, his business, his money over his family. I go out and I please everybody else, making this money and making other people money, meanwhile my kid, my family, they’re sitting back waiting for me to come home."

Thankfully, Schoolboy Q found a way to persevere. The "That Part" rapper is on the road again in support of the Blank Face LP. Q is in the midst of the North American leg of his tour with Joey Badass. The Black Hippy member will take the show over to Europe in November.

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