Rapper and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta guest star Sas was shot in the head last night (July 2) but is expected to recover from his injuries.

The reality show participant, born Lyndon Ahlik Smith, is currently receiving care at a hospital and revealed the news to fans via a couple of gory Instagram posts.

In one picture, he is sitting up in a hospital bed and dried blood can clearly be seen caked on the pillow behind him. He also posted a short video. "The doctor just told me I got a bullet in the back of my head," he said in the clip, pointing the camera toward the wound for a brief second. "They said I got a thick skull. Y'all pray for me though. I appreciate all the love and support. God got me. Allah got me. I aint tripping."

Little is known about the details of the shooting at the time. Formerly in a rap group called Da Raskalz Cru, alongside his brother Scrapp and late cousin Dolla, he has appeared on a number of episodes of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season 5 as he is working with Stevie J on his solo career.

Sas is the second Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member to fall victim to a shooting during the show's run. During season two Benzino was shot on his way to his mother's funeral. The man charged with the crime was Gail Scott, Zino's cousin, who claimed self-defense. The former rapper and Source co-owner indicated that the shooting was a result of a family feud that had been simmering for some time, even causing Benzino to think twice about attending his mother’s funeral in the first place.

Get well soon Sas.

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