SAINt JHN, the Brooklyn born MC, is giving people the cold shoulder with his new record “3 Below.”

The rapper just dropped a fire tune for his fans to vibe out to and throughout the three minute song, SAINt JHN reiterates that he doesn't want to be a hero. We can assume by that he means he's not saving any girls.“3 Below” also catches SAINt JHN elaborating on they type of women he wishes to be with.

“Saint Laurent and quarter water/Show me you can really be your momma daughter,” SAINt JHN voices. “I aint tryna be nobody hero/My heart is three below zero/Gucci slippers girl you poppin’/The way you look I know you got them niggas flockin’/And you got them Rihanna dreads/Now you deserve a nigga with a Kawasaki.”

Brooklyn has been producing a lot of fresh faces in the last year and SAINt JHN is one of them. Last year, he introduced us to his music with his song and visual to “1999,” a track that showcased the young MCs talented wordplay and his catchy ear for melodies. SAINt JHN sat down in an interview with XXL where he spoke on the expansion of his music and broadening his audience.

“I want to continue building and audience,” he said. “I want people to care, I want to make records and contribute the content that makes people care.”

Get familiar with SAINt JHN and listen to his new song “3 Below.”

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