Rory Fresco continues to make waves with his new music, and now we're finally getting a new project from the Kansas City rapper. The rising star releases his new Teen Spirit mixtape, which contains 12 new songs.

The new project features artists 5AM, Brother and Dettsa, with production from the likes of Mal, Tre Infinite, MXV, LoveStoned, Rory, himself, and plenty of other names heavily involved in hip-hop production.

XXL spoke with Fresco about the new release, where he details the inspiration behind the project.

"This is basically me living out being a teen. I didnt do much in high school. I skipped prom. I didnt play on no teams. I was quiet. I didnt really be a teen. So im having fun and doing that now," Fresco says.

He also talks about which song he wants fans to keep their focus on, and which one he's the most excited for.

"I really want fans to hear the outro called 'Come Alive.' It sounds like a different element. Its one of the freshest songs man. It sounds like an 80's cyberpunk movie in Tokyo," the rapper explains.

See the tracklist for Teen Spirit and stream the new mixtape from Rory below.

Rory Fresco's Teen Spirit tracklist

1. “Brand New Loft” (produced by Rory Fresco)
2. “Die 4 This” (produced by thxonlyxne)
3. “Lottery” (produced by Tre Infinite and Ade)
4. “Right Side Shooter” (produced by Rory Fresco and Mal)
5. “Love Like Rock N Roll” featuring Treez Lowkey (produced by Rory Fresco)
6. “Fake Like That” featuring Dettsa (produced by MXV)
7. “Freaks Back Around” (produced by thxonlyxne)
8. “Arty” (produced by MXV)
9. “Wicked Sunrise” featuring 5AM (produced by thxonlyxne)
10. “On With Me” (produced by LoveStoned)
11. “Everything 2 Me” (produced by MXV)
12. “Come Alive” featuring Brother (produced by Rory Fresco and Mal)

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