Kansas City's own Rory Fresco is back with a darkly luminous visual for "Lottery," a track from his forthcoming project, Teen Spirit, due in the coming months. On the song, Fresco flexes with the comfort of his newfound success as he raps about running it up.

The video for "Lottery" finds Fresco having a hell of a time with his friends shortly after he's hit the lottery. Throughout the visual, Fresco cruises in and out of casinos and through the streets of the mega-sized amusement park that is Las Vegas.

"The video was directed by me, myself. With the help of two young, amazing video directors, Logan Meis and Marko Steez," Fresco tells XXL about the making of the visual. "I wrote the treatment all myself and sent it to Logan and from there, he helped bring it to life. I also scored the whole thing so any music you hear is all scored by me."

Fresco says the "Lottery" video's unrelentingly festive vibe comes from Las Vegas itself. He also shares that it's meant to represent his meteoric rise to stardom.

"The inspiration from the video is from Sin City," Fresco explains. "I always been in love with Las Vegas even before I ever visited there. Just all the lights and the dope ass themes to each hotel. It's just some tight shit that I always liked. Not sure why. So that's why we shot it in Vegas. It's basically me having a regular day until I hit the lottery which is also a metaphor for how my buzz started growing."

By an extremely favorable stroke of fate, Fresco's "Lowkey" ended up being listed in SoundCloud's algorithm to play directly after Kanye West's The Life of Pablo track, "Real Friends," last year. That, of course, in addition to his own skills on the mic, played a huge role in his rise to national prominence, and he doesn't plan on losing any momentum going forward.

"I plan to straight have my face everywhere and my hands in everything," Fresco says of his plans for 2017, which includes an album he says sounds like "youthful, rebellious, young dreamer shit." "Forget rap, I'm tryna be like as big as Britney Spears but have my shows as wild as Sex Pistols. We gonna turn 2017 up. The teen way."

You can see Fresco turn all the way up by watching the video for "Lottery" below.

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