Broward County, Fla. spitter Robb Bank$ is part of the earlier wave of South Florida rap, as he's been at it for years, while still fitting seamlessly next to newer acts from the area like 2018 XXL Freshmen Ski Mask The Slump God and Wifisfuneral. Bank$'s newest song is a snippet for 'ShootOut" with a full version coming at a later date.

The thumping beat is co-produced by Oogie Mane and Brandonfinessin, setting a solid soundscape for Robb Bank$ to work with. The song's chorus is simple, calling for the listener to handle an enemy, regardless of the situation. "Opp on sight, shoot a nigga/Cops outside, shootin' niggas," is he how he starts, then goes further to explain how he wouldn't hesitate. "Baby mama outside, shoot a nigga/While you walkin' with your child? Shoot a nigga."

Bank$ also sets some time aside to ball out on the track. "Got a hundred round drum my closet/Got the Gucci smellin' like gunpowder," he brags, draped in designer. "Baby, the ice don't get much louder/And the price, don't even much matter."

In addition to working on a collab project with the aforementioned Wifisfuneral and readying the full version of "ShootOut," Robb has also been pushing his solo work. He freed the video for his song "Griffith Did Nothing Wrong" in mid-May of this year, in which he rides a horse. The song appears on his March solo album Molly World.

Give the "ShootOut" teaser a listen below.

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