Following the death of XXXTentacion, several artists have used their music to pay tribute to the rapper who was shot and killed during a robbery in June. Robb Bank$, who was a longtime friend to X while he was alive, has stepped forth to do the same with "Bad Vibes Forever," a new song dedicated to the slain artist.

The song, which is titled after X's label imprint, finds Bank$ name-dropping the title of X's breakout single "Look At Me!" as he pays homage to the rapper.

"Pop that shit for X, he live through me/He looking down, show that pussy, let him see, look at me/No ice in my drank, can't water down a thing, where my drink?/Stretch it out like Luffy, Big mom scream, yeah, she scream," Bank$ raps on the song, which was accompanied by a visual that features an image of X and Bank$ embracing in concert and more images of the slain MC.

Bank$ ends his verse by rapping about how much he misses his friend and the last message shared between both of them. "Hair slicked back, Yung Joc, it's going down, no VH1/Like five, six chains on him, slit wrist, no eyepatches, Gucci god/And I'ma miss arguing with you, 'bout ridin' with my pistol in the car/Through our DMs, last thing you said was send you Falconia," Bank$ delivers.

Expressing his appreciation for the "Moonlight" rapper further, the "Griffth Did Nothing Wrong" artist also reveals how much his brotherhood with X meant to him.

"Jah was more than just my EMPIRE brother he was really my friend," Bank$ said at the time "Bad Vibes Forever" was released. "It's rare when you find a friend who doesn't have any [ulterior] motives. We were both just blessed to be in the position we were in."

Check out Robb Bank$' "Bad Vibes Forever" video below. Watch his similarly X-dedicated video for "225" when you're done.

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