Rob Vicious delivers his major label solo debut. Today (July 13), the 20-year-old Shoreline Mafia rapper unloads his Traplantic project, a new collection of tunes that includes features from Da$h and his Shoreline bretheren, Fenis Flexin, Master Kato and Ohgeesy.

Traplantic has 11 tracks and it includes production from the likes of Kid Wonder, Honorable C.N.O.T.E., Chase The Money, Go Grizzly and more.

Yesterday, Vicious unleashed the visual for Traplantic's titled track, and with guns and what looks like some serious scheming, it definitely does a good job capturing the theme of the project. Upon releasing the new clip, Vicious told XXL that Traplantic was inspired by his experiences being at treating Atlantic Records studios like a trap house. He also said he's looking forward to his fans hearing a new side to his music.

"I'm excited for fans to hear 'Aint Me' because that shit is like next level to me and I hella stepped out of my comfort zone as far as my style of music and it actually came out good," Vicious explained yesterday.

Find out all that Vicious has to offer by checking out Traplantic for yourself below.

Rob Vicious' Traplantic Tracklist

1. "C Notes" featuring Fenix Flexin and Ohgeesy (produced by Honorable C.N.O.T.E.)
2. "Traplantic" (produced by New Lane Ant)
3. "Change" feat. Da$h (produced by Kid Wonder)
4. "Drip" (produced by Go Grizzly)
5. "Dear God" (produced by Ron Ron the Producer)
6. "How I Rock" (produced by Calibaset x Sledgren)
7. "LA Flocker / Rackae" (produced by AceTheFace)
8. "Dirty" feat. Fenix Flexin (produced by Chase The Money)
9. "Get It" feat. Master Kato (produced by Jay Splash)
10."Ain’t Me" (produced by Calibaset and Sledgren)
11. "Bands" feat. Ohgeesy, Fenix Flexin & Master Kato (produced by AceTheFace)


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